Gambling Rules for Football

Below are the complete football gambling rules for American Football-related wagers with Ace Sportsbook.

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  • For NFL and NCAA Football games, action becomes live only if no less than 55 minutes of play are completed. If a game is termination prematurely for any reason, all action is cancelled, and your wagers will be refunded.
  • In the event a game goes into overtime, the final overtime scores count for both side bets, and total bets.
  • “NCAA Season Win Totals” only includes Regular Season Games. Each team must play their full regularly scheduled season (12 Games), which means specifically that all teams must play each of their scheduled opponents. As a result, Championship Games and Bowl games do NOT count for this bet offering.


  • Game must go at least 43 minutes for wagers to stand.
  • Second half props will include OT unless specified.
  • 4th Quarter props does not include OT unless specified.
  • Yes/No special teams or defensive touchdowns includes all special teams and defensive touchdowns. This also includes fake field goals or fake punts that result in touchdowns. When the special teams unit comes on the field, any type of touchdown is counted as a special teams or defensive touchdown


All Straight Wagers lay -110/100 unless other otherwise specified.

In case of a tie or no action in a game:

  • A parlay is reduced to the next lowest number of plays. A two-team parlay becomes a straight bet.
  • In a three-team teaser or more, the teaser automatically reverts down to the next lowest number of teams (four-team teaser with a tie becomes a three team teaser). Any two-team teaser with a winner and a tie or no action is considered a PUSH. Any loss in a teaser is a loss.

A tie in any Super Teaser is considered a loss.

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